EURO 2024
04.07.2024 17:33

Serhiy Rebrov comments on Ukraine team performances and meeting with Prime Minister of Hungary

Vice President of the Ukrainian Association of Football and head coach of the national team, Serhiy Rebrov, shared insights about his participation in the discussions between President...

30.06.2024 13:00

Ukrainian officials selected for EURO 2024 Round of 16 clash

The UEFA reports that Ukrainian referees Mykola Balakin and Oleksandr Berkut will officiate the EURO 2024 Round of 16 match between Austria and Turkey. Balakin will serve as the fourth...

29.06.2024 12:00

Anatoliy Trubin: "Thank you all for the support. We will keep preparing and working hard"

Ukraine national team goalkeeper and Man of the Match award winner in the matches against Slovakia (2:1) and Belgium (0:0), Anatoliy Trubin, made a post on social media regarding the na...

27.06.2024 14:00

Oleksandr Tymchyk: "I want to thank our fans, especially our Armed Forces"

Ukraine national team defender Oleksandr Tymchyk comments on the draw with Belgium (0:0) and EURO 2024 group stage exit. "We fought hard, as Belgium couldn't score. I want to say one t...

27.06.2024 09:00

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy backs national team after draw with Belgium at EURO 2024

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy posted on his social media account, responding to the national team's performance at EURO 2024: "A strong nation remains united and supports ea...

26.06.2024 22:15

Serhiy Rebrov: "We need to get through this day and start working tomorrow"

Head coach of the national team of Ukraine, Serhiy Rebrov, shared his thoughts following the EURO 2024 match against Belgium (0:0). - How did you experience this match? How do you eval...

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